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Morgan’s Family


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  1. One of my favorite memories with Morgan is from a vacation we took to Lake Tahoe back in 2006. So many things come to mind from that trip… the dreaded hike I made the kids go on that I’m sure they secretly loved, Morgan picking a Dora the Explorer t-shirt for a souvenir, Morgan always clasping her arm with Aaron’s and walking with him. But my favorite is the ice skating experience at the rink at Squaw Valley, former site of the Olympics. Morgan insisted on wearing a helmet as she then carefully, gingerly glided around the ice. She could have cared less that she was the only one with a helmet and she just giggled and laughed the entire time. So very cute. Love you “Smorgasboard”

  2. I just always remember how caring Morgan was – always. She was so remarkably sweet and nurturing, particularly to her brothers. Even when they were little, I would just watch in amazement at how natural it came to her to take care of Michael, Connor and Patrick. It was truly something special to observe – I’ve never seen such genuine support at such a young age. I know that she’s still with her brothers everyday and looking out for them from heaven. Love you and miss you Morgy!!!

  3. Morgan was such an amazing girl; observant, a quiet leader, always kind. My daughters, her cousins, Emma and Ellie, absolutely adored her, as did I. She was always smiling, patient beyond measure.
    My favorite memory of Morgan is the weekend we had at Wake Forest, for the ND wake game. So amazing to have the chance to see her in this context, the incredible friendships she had made, to see her with her brothers and friends, and oh yes, to see her dance….

  4. /Morgan, with a big smile on her face, always made me feel a little more light-hearted with a warm feeling inside. I remember watching her do a solo dance at the last dance recital in the spring. I had a tear in my eye because she she was so moving to watch. I glanced over at my brother, Jerry her dad, and could see and feel the pride on his face as he watched her. I felt so happy for him to have those feelings of pride and love for his daughter. She was so beautiful to watch and I’m so happy I was able to see her perform the past few years! After the recital, Morgan took the time to say hi to everyone who came to watch her as she always did. In her very gracious way, she took extra time to talk to her cousin, Mireya, who has Down Syndrome. Even when Mireya kept following Morgan around like a shadow as she talked to her friends, Morgan was very patient and kind. I always appreciated that Morgan went out of her way to talk or play with Mireya at family functions and make her feel special. Morgan was truly a blessing in our lives!

  5. I am Morgan’s Grandma, Joan. I am 77 years old…..Morgan was 19 years old. I learned more from Morgan than I could ever imagine.
    I learned…Kindness…Caring…Loving…Smiling…Morality…Tenacity..Do not sweat the small stuff…Smile (even tho I may not agree)
    (Try) to hold my tongue….Do my best…If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right….Do not give up…Go beyond what I think I am capable of doing…Do not cop out—just do it!…Enjoy every day as if tomorrow I may be with God—just like Morgan…
    Thank you God for giving Morgan to us. Thank you Morgan for loving us as we will always love you. I Miss You Morgan….and you will always be with me. Love & Hugs…..Grandma Joan

  6. Thank you for your card. And thank you for continuing to share the spirit of your daughter with us- this website is so beautiful. She definitely lives on and I know she’s an angel. Thank you for sharing the letters you have received about the donation of organs. I know I didn’t fully understand what it meant to say, “Yes I will Donate” when I turned 16! But I did it without hesitation because of the values I was learning through a Catholic education.

    I am thankful I could help you and your family by doing my small part, but even more thankful for the opportunity to see the love and support of family, friends, and the community. I never met Morgan, but she continues to teach us all- a testimony of what a wonderful family she has.

  7. One of my most memorable and special times with Morgan was my trip to New York City with her in July 2009, before her junior year. I took the boys to NYC the year before for the Reds-Yankees series, and Morgan and I planned this special father-daughter weekend for just the two of us. The weekend was absolutely perfect. We saw the Ballet on Friday night (I even resisted the temptation of the Reds-Mets game in NYC that night) and stayed at my friend Kelly’s apartment in the city. We went to two Broadway shows (Mama Mia and In the Heights), and Morgan was so cute…after both shows we met the performers and got pictures and autographs. We took the double decker bus tour around the city on both the North and South loops. On Sunday we met my goddaughter and Morgan’s cousin, Betsy Judd, who was interning in the city, and took an awesome bike ride in Central Park.

    But the highlight of the weekend was when we were at NBC studios and Morgan asked, “Dad, can we get up early and try to get on the Today Show with Rascal Flatts?”. Morgan was always so much fun and positive. So we woke up the next morning at 3:30 am, sat in line on the sidewalks of the dark NYC streets, saw Rascal Flatts perform, and sure enough….the weather person came out and Morgan got on TV!!! She was so excited and folks at home saw her on TV!!!!

    I will ALWAYS remember that trip and NYC will never be the same for me. I am so so glad I made that trip with Morgan. It captured so much of Morgan’s loving spirit and I beamed with pride as I took her around the city. I miss you dearly Morgan, but know you are looking down and still with us. Thanks for being the most loving and amazing daughter. I love you. Dad

  8. I was lucky enough to be Morgan’s godfather and will always treasure that relationship that Morgan made complete. On one of my favorite memories is from one of our many family vacations. This past year we were at Hocking HIlls State Park and at night we always found ourselves playing games. On this one particular night we had a challenge as to who could stand on one foot the longest. Of course, Morgan was the target. With her dancing skills, everyone assumed she had incredible balance and they were correct! She and a few others lasted for what seemed like 20 minutes. But only Morgan did it while getting distracted with funny faces, water splashed on her and even balls being thown at her. Of course she didn’t complain, but she just laughed as she went about keeping her balance. It was classic Morgan!!! I love you and miss you “Morgie Shmorgie”. Uncle Jimmy

  9. There are so many special times I was able to enjoy with Morgan. We were blessed to have Betsy and Morgan and Michael be 4 months apart to the day which made for a lot of wonderful memories in the pool at Don and Joan’s, birthday parties etc. Morgan grew up into the most beautiful and loving young lady, that was so proud to be taking care of her Dad and brothers on family trips. I recall our last couple trips to Norris Lake where we would have the kids make their own sandwiches to pack up and take out for a day on the lake. Morgan would ALWAYS offer to make her brothers’ sandwiches and when I told her she didn’t have to do it, she so very sweetly said, “I actually don’t mind Aunt Beth. I kind of like doing it.” That was such a simple, but very sweet way that she was always thinking of others, especially her brothers. She was a bundle of smiles and sweetness on these incredible family trips. It just won’t be the same without you Morgan (and the boys may have to make their own sandwiches!).

  10. Morgan is a amazing person and she is always nice to everybody and she is a great leader and she is a great dancer and I love her and I hope I can be a dancer when I grow up and so I can remember her all thetime.

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