Special Remembrances of Morgan

wake forest bench 2014wake forest balloons 2014grotto 2 2014grotto 2014December 2014 marked three years since we lost our dear Morgan, and the month was filled with reminders that she continues to live in our hearts and make an impact on others.  Her twin brother Michael wrote this beautiful article in the Notre Dame school newspaper that captures Morgan’s essence in our lives and the amazing support from the Notre Dame community


On December 6th, we celebrated and remembered Morgan through a Mass offering in Cincinnati, the 24-hour prayer vigil at Notre Dame and a special balloon release from friends at her memorial bench at Wake Forest.  LifeCenter’s Organ Donation Network and The Studio for Dance changed their facebook pages with tributes to Morgan.  Morgan’s brother Patrick delivered a touching monologue at the St. Xavier Christmas Concert on the meaning of Christmas through the loss of Morgan.

We are so thankful for all the warm and comforting thoughts, prayers, and posts from family and friends as we remember our sweet angel Morgan.  We also thank those who continue to contribute to her foundation at Greater Cincinnati Foundation, where we are blessed to have granted over $50,000 in scholarships and charitable contributions in her name.


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