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Continuing to Impact Lives in May 2014

Several special events took place in May 2014 which remind us that Morgan continues to impact so many lives. 

On Saturday May 3, 2014, the first annual Morgan Judd Award was given to the Wake Forest cheerleader/dancer who possesses some of the countless qualities Morgan displayed:  sincerity, kindheartedness, humble leadership, a contagiously positive spirit, a radiating passion for dancing and a love and dedication for the dance team.  The award was supposed to be awarded to a freshman, but instead was given to senior Krissy Cantin, who danced with Morgan and helped create this new award.  We can’t think of a more deserving and perfect recipient than Krissy.   Attached is a picture of Krissy and Morgan’s roommate, Stephanie Hom with the award.  We thank them and the Wake Forest community for keeping Morgan’s spirit alive through this award.

   krissy wake forest award 2014

On Sunday May 4, 2014, a special recognition event was hosted by the Elsa Sule Foundation to recognize the six recipients of the Morgan Judd scholarship award at Ursuline Academy for the 2013-2014 school year.  Thanks to the generosity of the Else Sule Foundation, five scholarships were awarded to deserving students, and an additional scholarship was distributed through the Morgan Judd Fund at Ursuline.  In the spirit of Morgan, recipients exhibit the Ursuline characteristics of having a positive attitude, meaningful impact on fellow students and faculty, strong academic standing and a commitment to community service.  The event was a beautiful sharing of stories of Elsa Sule and Morgan and also getting to know the scholarship recipients and their families.  Special thanks to Ruth Klette, trustee of the Elsa Sule Foundation and Ursuline Academy for coordinating the event. 

May was also a special month with the annual recital by the Studio for Dance with memories of Morgan.  At St. Mary Grade School, the annual Morgan Judd scholarship was awarded to a deserving 8th grade student at graduation.  And finally, we attended the special graduation for the Cincinnati Ballet CincyDance! program students for which grants from the Morgan Judd Memorial Fund helped supply uniforms for students this year.

So many of these special events for Morgan were made possible through the generosity of family and friends through the gifts of time and treasures..  We thank you very much and we know our angel continues to be alive in our hearts and making a difference through events such as these. 


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